UPCOMING December 2021

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Oh Aye It Is!

Sleeping Senga may be asleep for another year but have no fear pals Pantoland’s no 1 selling band OH AYE! is coming to Websters to save Christmas and give you their greatest hits.

Join Pinot, Grigio, Ariana GrandyVoice, and Fairy Fierce for a Christmas concert and panto banter not to be missed!


Britney and the Beast

Britney and the Beast follows the story of our loveable Britney, a young teenager who lives with her

brother Freddy Floss and Nanny Nonsense. The evil ex-headmistress Joanna Winch, who was fired when

she placed a curse on a schoolboy and turned him into The Beast, returns to take back her job from

Nanny Nonsense. The Beast imprisons Britney … will there be a happily ever after?


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