UPCOMING December 2022


Sleeping Senga

Sleeping Senga SQ-03.png

Websters Theatre, Glasgow

Friday 2nd December 2022


Saturday 31st December 2022

It is Senga’s eighteenth birthday and she is having a party you are all invited to at the Panto Inn in Pure Posh Panto Partick.

The party is in full swing with all Senga’s Panto pals. One thing our pantolicious peeps have forgotten-eighteen years ago Senga was placed under a curse by the evil Elvira who they forgot to invite to her naming ceremony. #Awkies.

Will Senga be put to sleep for one hundred years? Will Elvira win the day?

There is only one way to find out!


Book now for Sleeping Senga.


Maw Goose



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