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 April 2023

A Belter of a Cinderella Story

Rutherglen Town Hall

Tuesday 4 April 2023
Hamilton Town House

 Wednesday 5 April 2023
Lanark Memorial Hall Wednesday 12 April 2023
East Kilbride Village Theatre Thursday 13 April 2023

Join Cinderella and the gang for a Belter of a family Easter show.  Filled with pop chart hits, dancing and the good old Scottish banter. Cinderella is absolutely gutted when her evil step Sisters Whitney and Britney make her rip up her invitation to the V.I.P party to see Pop Star Sensation P.Charming live. But with a little help from best pal DJ Buttons and her Fabulous Fairy Godmother she might just grab a taxi to get her there on time to meet the man of her dreams.
Come down and see a very Scottish twist on the classic fairy tale.  You will have a ball!

Sleeping Senga a4-04.png
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Maw Goose_Maw Goose A4 w-INO.png
Wiz 2019 A5 FRONT.jpeg
Snow White 2018 Lanark A5 FRONT.jpeg
Oh yes it is! Final a4.png
Jackie 2019 EK A5 FRONT.jpeg
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